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Below are indicators of child abuse that include but are not limited to these signs. Some signs that a child is experiencing abuse are more obvious than others. Trust your instincts.
Suspected abuse is enough of a reason to contact authorities.
You do not need proof.

Behavioral Signs Include:

  • Acting out sexually, or knowledge of sex that is not age appropriate

  • Self-destructive and risk taking behavior (hair pulling, cutting, drug and alcohol use)

  • Returning to earlier behaviors (bedwetting, thumb-sucking)

  • Changes in school performance and attendance

Emotional Signs Include:

  • Nightmares/changes in sleeping

  • Depression or unstable moods

  • New or unusual fear of certain people or places

  • Separation anxiety

Physical Signs Include:

  • Unexplained injuries

  • Lack of personal hygiene or care

  • Weight loss/gain, change in appetite

  • Swelling, redness, soreness, bleeding, infections or other changes in the genital area

  • Frequent headaches or stomach aches

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